Month: October 2016

Engaging Home Activities for Your Preschooler


pexels-photo-185948-largeBeing a mom of a preschooler is the hardest but most rewarding job I’ve ever had. These little people can bring you so much joy yet drive you crazy all the same time. Preschoolers are busy little ones with lots of passion and energy. A a stay at home mom how do you keep yourself sane and keep your preschooler engaged? Also, what types of activities do you do with your preschooler because you don’t just want them watching TV all day. Here are some ideas:

  1. Pick a day of the week for library day – Having a schedule helps your preschooler know what to expect. If every Monday they know that they are going to the library and picking out five new books they can anticipate and be excited about it. Spend some time at the library reading with your child and then when you get home you can read the books again. Make sure the books are age-appropriate and include some Bob books to help your child begin reading.
  2. Puzzles – You can’t have too many puzzles. You can get them at your local thrift store or Goodwill. Just count the pieces to make sure that they are all their. Doing puzzles with your preschooler helps them in so many ways and is a great activity you could do together.
  3. Flashcards – You can get all kinds of flashcards from animal to shapes to letters. I like to use the flash cards to play different games. One idea is to line up all the different shapes and color flashcards on the floor and then go around the house and find an item that matches that flash card and then put item on the flash card.
  4. Hide and Seek – Toddlers and preschoolers never get bored of hide and seek. This is a great way to get their energy out maybe before nap time.
  5. Boardgames – Games like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders are great first games for your toddler and preschoolers and help them learn their colors, numbers and how to count. Kids love game time with their parents.

These ideas above are just a few fun activities you can do with your preschooler during the day especially on a rainy day to keep them engaged and learning!